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I was looking forward to my 1st float experience but nobody could have explained how energised I would feel after my float.  

I was looking forward to my 1st float experience but nobody could have explained how energised I would feel after my float.  

Fleet, Hampshire

An absolute joy and total bliss. Thank you for such attention to detail and creating such a personal space.

Owner of Balance & Breath Retreat
Church Crookham, Hampshire

I came out of the float room very relaxed and I had the best night sleep I’ve had in a long time. I’ll be back.

Fleet, Hampshire

From the moment you step into 7th Heaven Float Room you're treated to an amazing experience. The peaceful atmosphere and facilities are fantastic. It's evident that the owners have been very selective in their choice of quality products to make the experience an amazing one. I've never felt so relaxed as I did after my float. My skin felt so soft and I had the best sleep that night too! I thoroughly recommend 7th Heaven Float Room and I cannot wait to visit again.

Owner of Buttercup Bakes
Fleet, Hampshire

My first time floating was an experience that I could only describe as amazing. Complete tranquility, a much needed escape from the outside world of beeps, rings and buzzes. It was the complete package from start to finish. 
I slept well which is a rarity and in the morning felt less achy and more chilled. Looking forward to my next float!

Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer
Fleet, Hampshire

What can I say except WOW! Having never “Floated” and being skeptic like everyone I know in the same position, I had no idea what to expect. Not only was the experience a 5 star one, it was obvious the facilities and attention to detail were of the same caliber. 


Was floating easy? Yes, 


Did I feel claustrophobic? absolutely not, it’s massive! 


What did it feel like? Easily the most tranquil and relaxing experience I’ve ever had that lasted well into the next day!


I guarantee you won’t float the once, you’ll become a regular knocking on the doors of Seventh Heaven over and over again!

the ALCoach

Well the float experience definitely lived up to its name...

7th Heaven, it really is!!

Coach Facilitator & Therapist 
Yateley, Hampshire

My first float experience was amazing. Thank you 7th Heaven. Myself and my daughter thought we would give flotation therapy a try after hearing great things. I left feeling calm and relaxed. The Float Room is based in a spa like setting with every little detail thought out from the consultation, setting and all the finishing touches. I cant wait to return.


What an experience!

Will definitely be back.

So glad I found you.