At 7th Heaven Float Room we aim to make it easier to bridge the gap and find the right balance between work and play!

Maybe it’s just us, but it seems as though life just gets faster paced and a whole lot busier as each year passes us by! We all find ourselves living in a world where technology is continually making it easier than ever for us to connect. However to our detriment, this also means that we are also finding it much harder than ever to disconnect and take time out for ourselves to recharge and recover.

With juggling work and family responsibilities, it can become very challenging to find time to relax/meditate and indulge in some much needed self-care, even when we are on holiday!

We discovered the benefits of floatation therapy in 2012 and after almost 30 years of working in global corporate roles, we decided to take the jump and follow our dream of building our Wellness Studio to become the home of 7th Heaven Float Room and in 2019 the journey began.

It was important for us to be able to offer our clients with exclusive access to the Wellness Studio during their 7th Heaven Experience. With no client cross-over and sole access, it makes it so much easier to relax and focus on improving your mind & body through the transformative powers of floating.

We are passionate about alternative approaches to wellness and finding the right balance to living your best life. Our Wellness Studio opened in 2021 and we hope to leave everyone who visits us feeling happier and more relaxed after they’ve enjoyed the 7th Heaven Experience!

Sarah & Colin

Owners of 7th Heaven Float Room Ltd.

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