Our aim is to make floating accessible to as many people as possible by offering a range of different pricing options. The effects of floating are cumulative and therefore it can be beneficial to make floating a regular part of your wellbeing routine. The more you float, the more you will appreciate the overall benefits.


Our float membership prices allow you to float from as little as just £30 a session, or even less if you have a double float membership for two people floating together. As well as our float memberships we also offer 'multi-float' bulk buy packages and 'pay-as-you-float' sessions. Our float membership and multi-float packages are tailored for those wishing to enjoy frequent float sessions as the more often you float with us, the more cost effective your float sessions become. 

Our float prices detail both Solo Sessions (1 person floating alone), as well as Double Sessions (2 people floating together). The price per person is reduced when floating with a partner/friend in a double session. However it's important to highlight that despite our float room being large enough to comfortably accommodate two people, those who float regularly will often say that they prefer to enjoy their float sessions in total privacy, rather than share the experience with a partner or friend. Obviously, this is very much a personal choice and will differ from one person to another. Although we urge you to rest assured if you're uncomfortable with the thought of being alone in confined spaces, we are sure that you will find our spacious double float room will remove any concerns that you may have.

We encourage anyone new to floating to take advantage of our ‘Intro to Floating Package - Float 3 Times’. This package is priced as a one-time purchase, available to new customers only. This  is the ideal way to familiarise yourself with the art of floating, at a  reduced price before committing to a membership or float package.

Having a float membership or purchasing your float sessions in bulk is the most cost effective way to make floating part of your ongoing wellbeing routine. 

Why not take a look and see which option would best suit you....

NOTE: All prices are based on a 60 minute float sessions, although you will need to allow at least 90 minutes for your float experience.

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Intro to Floating: Float 3 Times

Tailored for those new to the experience of floating.


Special one time purchase -available to all new customers.

3 x 60 min Float Sessions

Prices from £129.00


Available for both Solo & Double Sessions.

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The pay as you float options are best suited for those looking for a one-off float experience with us.

1 x 60 min Float Session

Prices from £50.00

Available for both Solo & Double Sessions.

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Multi-Float Packages

Tailored for those with a keen interest to explore the benefits of regular float sessions, or those with targeted wellness goals or injuries they wish to address.

5 x 60 min Float Sessions

Prices from £225.00 

10 x 60 min Float Sessions

Prices from £400.00

Available for both Solo & Double Sessions.