A warm & friendly welcome awaits you at 7th Heaven Float Room, feel free to have a complimentary organic herbal tea or chilled water and allow us to answer any outstanding questions you may have.


We will walk you through the floating process and ensure that you are comfortable before we leave you to enjoy your float experience in total privacy.



Ensure to fully empty your bladder before entering the float room to avoid any discomfort whilst floating.



Remember to put your mobile phone in ‘Airplane Mode’ or switch it off, so not to disturb your float experience.


Remove clothing and any jewellery or hair accessories. A swimsuit is not necessary as it's a totally private experience, most people prefer not to wear any clothing whilst floating. You'll have the entire Wellness Studio to yourself throughout your appointment. Anything you wear will cause pressure points on your body and distract from the overall feeling of weightlessness.



Insert ear plugs (provided) prior to your pre-float shower as they can be difficult to insert once you're wet. Take a lukewarm shower and ensure to thoroughly wash your hair & body with our complimentary organic/vegan products. Do not use hair conditioner during your pre-float shower, as it can affect the salt water solution.


There's no need to dry your body after your shower, but you should dry your face and remove as much water from your hairline as possible before stepping into the Float Room. This will prevent water droplets running down your face during your float session, which could disrupt your experience. A face towel is provided for this purpose and we will remind you during your float intro. If you have any small cuts or grazes, you may want to dry those areas too and apply some barrier cream (provided), although the salt water will do them the world of good - but it will sting!


Step into the Float Room and close the door behind you. Sit in the middle of the room with your feet away from the door, grab the float halo/neck rest if you want to use it and lay gently back... hey presto, you're now floating! Let your mind drift away, whilst soft music and lights will ease you into your float experience.



After the first 10 minutes the music and lights will fade. This is your time to switch-off, relax and recharge whilst enjoying the full benefits associated with the removal of external stimulation. If at any time you’re uncomfortable with the darkness, you will have full control over the lights during your float session. There’s also a two-way intercom button, where you can speak to us at any time during your session if required, without leaving the water. We highly recommend you keep the lights turned off and enjoy the removal of everyday stimulants. The lights and music will return at the end of your session, signalling time for you to return to a state of consciousness and exit the Float Room, closing the door behind you.



Take a shower as soon as you exit the float room to thoroughly remove the Epsom Salt from your hair and body. Wide toothed shower combs, towels, slippers, toiletries and a hair dryer are all provided for your convenience, all of which are thoroughly sanitised/cleaned between clients. If required you can now use hair conditioner (provided).



Don't rush out the door after your post-float shower, it's important you take 10 minutes to sit quietly and enjoy the 'post-float glow'. Enjoy some reflection time, with a complimentary drink in our relaxation area. The post-float relaxation is a significant part of your overall floatation experience, as this gentle transition back into the outside world helps you to gain maximum benefits from your float experience. Just rushing out the door will burn off many of the benefits before your nervous system has had the chance to integrate them.



Floating regularly improves overall wellness, sleeping patterns and helps to better manage stress and chronic pain. Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only help to improve your life, but it will also improve the life of all those around you. We look forward to your next visit!



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