All float sessions are for a duration of 60 minutes, although please ensure you allow yourself 90 minutes. This will give you adequate time to shower both before and after your float session. It's also important that you fully enjoy the experience and take 10 minutes after your post float shower, to sit quietly with a complimentary organic tea or chilled water in our relaxation area. This gentle transition back into the outside world is very important and helps to gain maximum benefits from your float. Just rushing out the door immediately after floating will burn off many of the benefits before your nervous system has had the chance to integrate them. So a quiet sit in our studio is well worth it, particularly when you really don’t feel like it !

We can also accommodate requests for longer float sessions (for example: 90 or 120mins). We also accommodate special requests for bespoke float packages or gift experiences; which can be combined with other treatments available via Breathe & Balance at Studio24 who we are able to work in partnership with at our Wellness Studio. Please contact us to discuss these options further.