Floating regularly can have beneficial results as the effects are cumulative. As our pricing structure illustrates, the more frequently you float with us, the more cost effective each float session becomes. In addition to our membership options, we also offer multi-float packages and pay-as-you-float sessions too

Our membership options allow you to float from as little as £30 a session with a Solo Membership, or even less with a Double Membership; where you will share your float experience with a partner/friend. However it's important to highlight that many people who enjoy regular float sessions, actually tend to prefer to experience their float sessions in total privacy, in a solo float. Therefore we highly recommend you try both a Solo and a Double Float before deciding for yourself which is your preference!

We encourage anyone new to floating to take advantage of our 'Intro to Floating - Float 3 Times' package*. This is a special one-time purchase price, available to new customers only and is the ideal way to familiarise yourself with the art of floating at a significantly reduced price, before committing to one of our cost effective float memberships or multi-float packages.

*Float 3 Times: This intro package has been specially tailored for those who are new too floating. Experts in the float industry agree that 3 is the magic number when it comes to experiencing floating for the first time and it's important that you consider floating a minimum of three times before deciding whether or not it's for you! Every float experience is unique and you will rarely have two float sessions that are the same. You should have a good idea after 3 floats though whether or not you'll be back. We suggest that you use these 3 float sessions within a 6 weeks period to gain the most benefits.

This special intro package is available to new customers only & limited to 1 purchase per customer.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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