As a Wellness Studio we take safety and hygiene very seriously and have stringent measures in place with regards to our cleaning procedures. This combined with the fact we never have any overlap between our client appointments means that we have no communal/public   areas. Considering this our clients can fully enjoy their time with us in total privacy with exclusive access to our studio and have peace of mind for their safety and wellbeing at all times. Any associated risk with the spread of coronavirus are significantly  reduced as there are no shared areas or mixing with other clients.

*Given the Coronavirus is not a waterborne disease, there is no evidence that the virus can be spread to people through water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas.*

Further details can be found on the CDC website

Our Wellness Studio comprises of a relaxation area/small gym at the front of the building and a float suite/wet room at the rear. This is where our luxury double float room is located and both areas are separated by a WC/changing room. On arrival at our studio clients will have their temperature checked using a contact-free thermometer. Anyone with a raised temperature will be asked to reschedule their appointment without incurring any cancellation fees. The same applies to anyone who is experiencing coronavirus symptoms on the day of their appointment.

Whilst interacting with a member of staff we request that clients adhere to the latest government guidelines with regards to social distancing and personal hygiene measures. It is not a legal mandatory requirement for clients to wear a face mask whilst in the studio, although during client inductions and any close contact with our staff members it would be advisable and appreciated. Once clients are alone in the studio face masks are not necessary. The float room and all touch points in the studio are deep cleaned/sanitised between each session. 

CLEANING PROCEDURES: We are following Public Health England's advice with regards to cleaning procedures in non-healthcare settings throughout our entire Wellness Studio. We’re also following guidance from the health experts at the Floatation Tank Association; which is an established team of global experts on Floatation Therapy.

All touch points throughout the entire studio including the interior/exterior of the float room are thoroughly cleaned/sanitised between each client. This is inclusive of the floor, tiled walls, all hard surfaces, door handles, light switches, shower controls, clothes hooks, grab bars etc.

We use Dew (Electrolysed Water) Products for cleaning/sanitising throughout the studio, as well as for air purification and hand sanitisation requirements. These products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe, and human body compatible. DEW Disinfect will achieve a 99.995% reduction in bacteria in less than 30 seconds.

Product Review: DEW Product Statement on Coronavirus

THE FLOAT ROOM: Equipped with a powerful magnetic-drive pump and a high-capacity filtration system, ensures that our float room water solution is thoroughly cleansed/sterilised a minimum of four times between each float session. The filtration system starts automatically at the end of each float cycle and runs whilst the client is having their post-float shower. To ensure precise hygiene levels are constantly maintained, the filtration system also runs automatically overnight. Sterilisation of the water solution is managed using an automatic in-line feeder, eliminating the need to manually add chemicals during the filtration process.

It’s been known for years that high concentrations of magnesium sulphate in water can actually stop some viruses and bacteria from spreading, which would otherwise thrive in water. Although this isn’t sufficient disinfectant for all pathogens, it does impact our risk factors given that we have 650kg of Epsom Salts dissolved in ~1,000 litres of water (which is just 25 cm deep) in our float room. The salt water solution passes through a 1-micron filter, which is an incredible 100 times smaller than a human hair. A small amount of bromine is automatically added to the water solution during the filtration process to help sanitise the water. Daily maintenance checks are carried out and logged. The water levels are tested every day and adjusted accordingly to ensure safe levels are always sustained.

FLOAT SESSIONS / APPOINTMENTS: Our detached Wellness Studio is discreetly located and accessible via 6’ double gates adjacent to our home in a residential area. The gates will always remain locked and walk-in appointments are not available. All float sessions are strictly by appointment only and we will always allow more than adequate time between each appointment to ensure that we never have any client cross over and have sufficient time to fully sanitise and ventilate the premises prior to our next scheduled appointment.

  • Clients will need to ring the bell at the gates on arrival and await a member of staff to allow them entry into the studio. They will be reminded to always observe social distancing measures whilst in the presence of a member of staff.

  • Clients are advised to allow a minimum of 90 minutes to fully enjoy and appreciate their float experience. They will spend very limited time in the presence of our staff; as float sessions are experienced in total privacy.

  • New clients are asked to arrive earlier than their scheduled appointment time on their first visit. This allows adequate time to provide them with a float induction and answer any first-time floating questions they may have. This should take no longer than 15 minutes and social distancing measures will always be observed. For returning clients, in general there will be a brief welcome/farewell between them and a member of staff, minimising any unnecessary interaction. However clients wishing to discuss their float experience further with us will always have the opportunity to do so.

  • All clients will need to agree to and sign our 'New Client Form' prior to their visit. Once we receive a booking request access to this form will be sent via email, along with a Pre-Floating Guide which we encourage all clients to review in full prior to visiting us.

  • Payments are requested upfront and in full prior to attending a scheduled float session. This helps us to reduce any unnecessary contact between the client and our staff member when processing transactions.

  • With no client crossover, our post-float relaxation area is a safe environment for clients to enjoy a complimentary drink before leaving us and continuing with their day.

  • Hand sanitisers are available at the studio entrance and in the WC/changing area. Clients are reminded to use it as frequently as necessary to maintain hygiene levels.

  • If you are using the NHS COVID-19 app you will be able to scan our QR code on arrival to help track, trace and stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our local community.

A COVID-19 Risk Assessment has been carried out and documented for 7th Heaven Float Room Ltd. This assessment will be reviewed/updated on a regular basis. Should you ever wish to access our Risk Assessment, then please feel free to contact us.